Our services

Much of our success is based on the extensive knowledge of the local market and the excellence of our professional real estate consultants.

Competence, exclusivity and passion, as well as our personal and comprehensive service, distinguish us.

Dedication with heart and exclusively to you.


Advice on the search for and sale of real estate

It is a service that benefits the client in terms of time saving because the client will not have to do a constant search for the property, but the Signem team will search for it according to their demands. We accompany the client throughout the whole process of selling the property, from the beginning to the end of the real estate transaction.

Marketing services

We create an advertising strategy to promote the sale of your property, a marketing plan for your property, and we dedicate all the available resources of the real estate agency (photographic and video report, home staging, virtual reality, marketing plan, diffusion in marketing channels, etc.).

Market research and analysis

We study and analyse the prices of the real estate on offer in our area of activity in order to establish a price that favours the sale. One of the most important aspects of selling a flat is the price you set. The amount you set as the purchase price will influence how quickly or slowly it sells. Time will give you the clue: if it will be sold quickly, you will be able to see how quickly it will sell.If it takes a long time to sell, the price of the flat is probably out of the market, that is, too high.

Free property valuations

We value your flat free of charge, taking into account technical, comparative and market factors.

Commercial management of your rental.

We take care of all the necessary management from the moment you decide to rent your property until the rental contract is signed and the keys are handed over.


We have the experience to conduct win-win negotiations between buyers and sellers of a property.

Supervision of the entire process and streamlining of procedures

We help you to simplify the whole process of buying, selling or renting a property so that it is less stressful for you, we speed up the paperwork that needs to be done and we take care of supervising all the documents, contracts and legal deeds. With our services we offer legal security for this type of operation.

Mediation and financial advice

One of the most important functions for our clients is the search for the right financing. Negotiating the best mortgage conditions with the bank is not an easy task, which is why we offer advice and mediation services to find the most suitable mortgage according to your needs.

Interior design and refurbishment

We provide a complementary interior design and decoration service to make your home the way you like it

Processing of habitability certificates, energy certificates and ITE

We take care of the processing of habitability certificates, energy certificates and the ITE. The certificate of habitability and the energy certificate are mandatory

Documents for any type of transaction in the sale or rental of a property. The ITE

(Technical Inspection of Buildings) is a legal obligation for those buildings older than45 years.

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